SFNL CEO's Welcome

Today the SFNL takes on South Eastern Women’s Football in our inaugural women’s representative match at the newly redeveloped Linton Street.

I’m sure both the Leagues will give a good account of themselves today. Good luck to coaches, players, volunteers and staff as I am sure they will make the Championships a great spectacle.

A lot of work has gone into making today happen and I thank everyone that has worked on today's event. I would like to thank AFL Victoria and AFL South East for supporting this match and, in particular, the efforts of Rod Hamilton, David Jennings, Matt Grimwood and Wes Garth for helping to make today possible.

Other supporters of today’s event, including WorkSafe and our apparel suppliers Blackchrome.

The SFNL Board continues to govern and grow the region through sound governance and support for all stakeholders.

We think Interleague is a great concept and one that we will support each year. Thanks must also go to the coaches and players representing us today. Good luck to both teams today.

Lee Hartman
CEO – Southern Football Netball League

SFNL Coaches Welcome

In a history making first for the SFNL it's fantastic to see the opportunity that has been given to our girls to represent their League, Clubs and themselves in what is our inaugural interleague team. It's a privilege to be involved in this program and to work with a such a passionate and enthusiastic group of players and staff. From our first session we have discussed as a group the opportunity that these players have in front of them to showcase women's football and what being involved in the program means to each of them as an individual.

I'd like to thank our assistant coaches Lachlan Walker and Steph Chiocci for their time and input into the program along with Lee Hartman, Matt Grimwood, and David Jennings from the SFNL for providing this opportunity for the players.

Today's game you'll see players, I’m sure from both sides, that are passionate about their sport and will give it their all out there. I truly hope that we see girls from this game go on to bigger and greater things to help inspire the next generation of young girls playing the game.

Congratulations to all players selected, give the game your all, you have the ability to perform, take confidence into the game and the rest will take care of itself.

Lachlan Harris
SFNL Women’s Coach 

AFLSE Welcome

Welcome all to RSEA Safety Park, Moorabbin, for today’s big clash between Southern Football Netball League (SFNL) and South Eastern Women’s Football (SEWF) in the 2019 WorkSafe AFL Victoria Community Championships.

At AFL South East we are very proud of our SEWF competition, and very proud that a strong squad of committed and talented footballers will represent our league on the big stage today.

I wish coach Gary Sanford, his team of assistants, and all the players the very best for today’s game. Gary replaces inaugural coach Megan Snart who put a lot of time and energy into preparing the squad last season and I’m sure Gary will do the same.

Last year, the SEWF team took on the Northern FL and came away with an exciting one-point win, which I’m sure the girls will long remember.

These Community Championships provide a wonderful opportunity for both the young and mature talent in SEWF and SFNL to showcase their skills on the biggest stage in community football. It is an honour at any time to play representative football.

Playing with your peers at such an elite level is an experience most players never forget.

Finally, a thank you to a few groups:

To SEWF Operation Manager Rod Hamilton for bringing together our team, and the SFNL administration for also putting in a lot of effort to make today’s game possible.

To all the participants, enjoy the day!

John Anderson
Region General Manager – AFL South East

AFLSE Coaches Welcome

WOW, what a huge day for Womens Football with some of the best players from both Southern League and AFLSE going up against one another, in what should be a very high standard game. Given that this is only the second year that AFLSE has had a Womens Interleague team, today’s game provides opportunities for all players involved that was not available 3 years ago.

I would like to congratulate Rod Hamilton and AFLSE for making todays game happen and ensuring last year’s 1-point win over Norther League was not a short-term investment in Womens football. I feel very humble and excited to have been appointed Head Coach of the AFLSE 2019 Womens Interleague team.

This year AFLSE allowed all Division 1 teams to nominate 6 players, and both Division 2 & 3 teams to nominate 2 players. We had 65 players across all three Divisions nominated to try out over the last 8 weeks to be selected in a squad of 30 players to make up the final 25 selected for todays game. Each of the Div. 1 teams have players representing their Clubs and 4 of the Div. 2 teams also have players selected. It has been fantastic to see all the players training over the last few weeks with players they compete against each week, really embracing the opportunity they have had.

It has been a real challenge to narrow the group down to the final 25 for todays game and I look forward to the team showing how much pride they have in being selected and wearing the AFLSE jumper. They are not only representing their own Clubs today but every player in AFLSE 3 Divisions and all the players who tried out and did not make the team

Our coaching team has been made up of some very experienced and committed coaches who have helped mould this group into a “TEAM” for todays game. I would like to thank and congratulate Kris Smith (Tyabb FNC), Megan Snart (Eastern Devils) and Michelle Densley (Seaford FNC) for their work with all players over the last few weeks. Also, Jason Mitchell (Bass Coast) who assisted early in our training and will our runner for today’s game.

We have also been very lucky to have many leaders from their own respective Clubs involved in our group. I would like to congratulate Belinda Ousley (Port Melbourne) for being appointed as our Captain, and Elley Butcher (Eastern Devils), Jessica Johnston (Seaford) and Vicki Sanford (Mornington FNC) for being appointed our 3 Vice Captains. These leaders have played a very important role over the last couple of weeks in bringing the playing group closer together and feel very much apart of the AFLSE Team.

I wish every player good luck today and hope we showcase how strong AFLSE Womens football is.

Gary Sanford
AFLSE Women's Coach